The safety of Locinox products

Locinox safety

Even though our products comply with all safety standards, extreme weather conditions or wrongful installation could still result in a hazardous situation. At Locinox, we’ve taken all possible precautions to ensure nothing can happen in that kind of situations. This is how we cope to ensure your safety and that of your clients.

Our hinges are stronger than you might think

Our hinges always mention the maximum allowed gate weight which is still very much under the maximal allowed peak load.
We apply a safety factor of 3.5, meaning that our hinges can bear 3.5 times the maximum allowed weight without compromising safety.

Please note:

* The maximum gate weights and the safety factor are only relevant for gates where the formula seen in the image is applicable.

  • Maximum gate width: 4 m
  • Additional limitations can be defined on configuration level
  • Please contact us in case of any questions
safetyfactor 3.5


Our warranty pledge is 3 years for all mechanical products and 2 years for all electronic products. Since our sustainable products are all tested on at least 500.000 cycles (in some cases even one million cycles), you are 100% certain that your product will work for a very, very long time.
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The Quick-Fix

The unique and patented Quick-Fix fastening system guarantees an extremely secure fixation for most of our products.


Quick-Fix saves you valuable time on-site, which allows you to go on to your next job or customer that much faster. Usually, the Quick-Fix comes pre-installed on the product. Just drill the 15 mm hole, fit the Quick-Fix, tighten, and you're done!
The Quick-Fix is a major part of how we can standardize our gates and make our products so modular.


The Quick-Fix is available for profiles with many wall thicknesses. A firm anchoring is guaranteed with over 1.000 kg of tensile strength. Discover how we tested our Quick-Fix to its limits.


Quick-Fix is made entirely out of premium stainless steel and easily passes the the 500h salt spray test, without losing any of its strength.
Want to know more about the salt spray test? Discover how we test our products in the salt-spray testing machine.

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Did you know?

Compared with standard self-drilling screws, you are able to apply a load 4 times higher if you use Quick-Fix. This way - you are guaranteed your product is firmly installed.
By the way, the risk to damaged profiles is brought to zero with Quick-Fix.

Thanks to its innovative design, the new generation of Quick-Fix can be reused many times, over and over again.

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