Gate wing standardization
100% Modular
Easy to stack
1 gate profile, lots of possibilities
Left/right reversible
Only 1 drill pattern

Easily standardize and store your gate wings with Locinox.
All our products are reversible; meaning you can easily turn your gate wing to switch between a left- or a right-turning gate. The modularity of our products even allows you to use the same drilling pattern for all our locks and most of our keeps.
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Advantages of gate wing standardization

Easy to stack and transport

All our products can easily be installed on site, ensuring easier storage and transport of all your gate wings and fence panels. Even our weld-on hinges allow you to stack your products without any parts sticking out.

Worry-free manufacturing

Most of our products can be installed on a left- or right turning gate featuring the exact same products and without any additional preparation. Our GBMU4D hinge allows for easy reversibility.

Double the fun

Our standardized hinges work perfectly with our modular surface-mounted gate locks and keeps. An extra counter box is added for a more uniform and aesthetic look.

Hinge, lock and keep reversibility

Full flexibility is guaranteed, any gate wing can become left- or right-turning thanks to the unique Locinox concept. With just one drilling pattern for both our locks and keeps, we make it easy for you.

Find out more about our modularity.


Flush- and center mounted gates

Gates can be either flush-mounted or center-mounted. All new-fit gate closers are flush mounted by default, they are aligned to the edge of the gate. Retro-fit gate closers can be installed on both flush- and center-mounted gates. Compare both options below and make a final decision for the perfect hinge installation.